Avery is an independent designer.


when i think about home i think of a time and feeling with tangible forms functions practices associated with that time s  p  a  c  e    home is a very contrastive feeling for me    i often need the extreme with the calm and they dont always balance out     i can say that my timidness and refusal to speak as a child is an honest representation of my sadistically satisfying taboo to keep myself hidden in an attempt to build up enough anxious anger and concern inside so that i may explode at optimum pressure     nuclear reaction in a sense falling in love with the bomb dr strangelove like a super power you cant control   so when we talk about home for me we simultaneously include that place of contrast like the studio that creates a comforting dichotomy   when we talk about home its very much connected with an even exact timing and place and feeling   kind of like an experiment since were all test tube babies in one way or another    language and life a social experiment and experience time and place and feeling 1 baton rouge hot car fishing dreaming sleeping alone exclusion consideration cared for    s     e    p    a    r    a     t    i    o    n  youre always in a sense apart from everything that surrounds you     apart from home apart from work apart from society apart from under standing   and always a d i s t a n c e just depends on how you measure it    how can we measure separation     time space feeling social stance identity